I have been working with Associates ||| for a few years and I consider them remarkable on all counts.

From our first meeting, I felt totally comfortable that they would have amazing ideas and also be very open to my input (and then make it better). In my experience, not all designers are as good at listening as Associates III is, and it makes a big difference for both the process and the finished product. Associates III has a high skill level in both the technical and the artistic, which has been invaluable to me.

I absolutely love the work they have done for me, and it includes everything from designing entire rooms to picking out silverware. I feel that they are budget-aware and advise me appropriately on where to consider spending more, and where it does not make sense to do so. I appreciate this so very much.

I trust them implicitly. I consider them friends, and our relationship has the easy communication of the best of friendships, with just the right amount of professionalism so that I know they value me as a customer as well. I am planning to hire them to help with additional homes outside of Colorado, because I think it will be easier and better to continue working with them.

Client: Jennifer Altabef