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Team Insights Discovery

July 24, 2017

The Associates III team recently participated in a workshop centered around the Insights Discovery survey. Started in Scotland over 20 years ago, this survey is based primarily on the psychological research of Carl Jung. Each team member answered an online survey ahead of the workshop day to generate a personalized color-coded document that represents their personal style of interaction — extroverted thinking (red), extroverted feeling (yellow), introverted thinking (blue), introverted feeling (green). The system seeks to increase self-awareness to promote excellent teamwork, better communication and enhanced leadership for a more successful future.

Each person is a mix of the four colors, with one serving as their main go-to — Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Cool Blue and Earth Green. Rather than attempt to explain further, the following graphics will help show the attributes of the different color-types. Please note that this is extremely oversimplified in relation to the full breadth of information shared during our workshop time.

FIERY RED — Do it now.

SUNSHINE YELLOW — Do it together.

EARTH GREEN — Do it in a caring way.

COOL BLUE — Do it right.

The workshop allowed each team member to consider what values they contribute to the collective team and how we can more effectively communicate with each other to better understand the needs of the whole team.

It’s been an enriching experience to engage with this tool and we’re excited to bring this knowledge into the office.

More information about the Insights Discovery can be found here: https://www.insights.com/us/

—Associates III Interior Design


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