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Protect Our Mother

April 19, 2017

Earth Day is not just for scientists. We are all connected to nature by the simple fact that we are living, sentient beings. The air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat are all provided by this big blue and green marble we call home. Our daily activities impact the health of our air, water and land. Each of these are essential for our well-being – and our survival – at the most basic level.

I believe we should all be concerned about what is happening to our planet. There is no place else for us to go, making it imperative that we take care of this Earth.

Whether you choose to march for science, clean up a nearby waterway, attend an event, contribute time or money to a campaign, or simply walk somewhere rather than drive this Earth Day – my sincere hope is that you will take a moment to pause and consider the impact your actions have on the basic necessities of your life.

Air, food, water, shelter – how and where do you get what you need to live? What are you doing to protect, sustain or, even, improve our shared home? These are the questions to consider today and, ultimately, every day.