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Tips for Cleaning Natural Finishes for Door & Cabinet Hardware

May 6, 2020

Material Board

The recent COVID 19 outbreak and a question from a long-time client inspired us to share some tips for cleaning natural finishes. If you’ve been wondering how to properly clean your door and cabinet hardware while disinfecting your surfaces we have a few answers from a couple of our trusted vendors: Rocky Mountain Hardware and Sun Valley Bronze.  

Copper based finishes are anti-microbial by nature. It is estimated that COVID 19 lives on the surface for approximately 4 hours. Even so, it is still beneficial to take precautions and wipe down all of your surfaces. 

SoapThe safest option for live metal surfaces is to simply use soap and warm water.

Soap and water can also be applied to wood surfaces, stone, etc and is an effective way to get rid of germs while being kind to the finishes.


Paste Wax

If you prefer an alcohol based wipe or cleaner over soap and water, you should plan to re-seal your finish with a paste wax.

Paste wax protects the surface finish and adds back the layer that may have been compromised by alcohol. 

Please reach out to us if you have any other questions regarding cleaning techniques for specific home items or areas. Consider our team a resource for all things home interior design, care, and maintenance related. We are happy to help!

Take care, be well!

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