Urban Color

Modern home exterior at dusk
urban color powder room with decorative red swirl wallcovering
This vibrant Denver-based home utilizes variegated design to invite and delight family and friends alike thanks to naturally colorful materials and furnishings.
colorful living room interior

Comfortable and Cosmopolitan

The family’s upbeat indoor-outdoor lifestyle is reflected in each space featuring a plethora of natural woods, tiles, and lively fabrics and furnishings along with creative lighting and expansive windows that mirror and dramatize Colorado’s many and varied seasons.
urban color dog area
“A dog-friendly design was carefully incorporated throughout the home, from the special staircase treads to extra wide sectionals.”

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urban color outdoor living space

Living Alfresco

The lush courtyard features fireplaces and multiple sitting areas creating cozy and private spaces.
urban color balcony swing with golden retriever